Configure The Kannel With Android phone

Ok This is New task for me to configure the kannel with android phone .now i use the samsung android phone .

first of all check the phone are work as a modem or not using wvdialconf command on terminal

  • first attach your mobile phone

the open the terminal and type this command

  • wvdialconf

if your phone is work then screen show like this

2013-06-08 12.22.23

else your phone is not work as modem

now i tell you some impotent the android phone is access directly by kannel 

they need smsc(short message service center) center number

now i tell you how you find the smsc center number of your mobile phone

smsc-center:-the smsc center is gave the help to send sms from one phone to other phone .

every company gave the unique  smsc-center number. smec-center is provide the sms service with help massage is send

first step to find smsc-center number

  • open your massage  on mobile
  • massage->settings
  • settings->message-center

now you see some number there this number is not your sim number this number is smsc-center number

through this number you send the sms

now start how to configure your kannel.conf file

group = core
admin-port = 13012
admin-password =*****
#admin-deny-ip = “*.*.*.*”
admin-allow-ip = “”
dlr-storage = mysql
smsbox-port = 13013
#wdp-interface-name = “*”
#log-file = “/var/log/kannel/bearerbox.log”
#access-log = “/var/log/kannel/access.log”
#box-deny-ip = “*.*.*.*”
box-allow-ip = “”
log-level = 0

#group = wapbox
#bearerbox-host = localhost
#log-file = “/var/log/kannel/wapbox.log”
group = smsc
smsc-id = samsung
smsc = at
modemtype = samsung
device= /dev/ttyACM0
my-number = +910000000000 //your mobile phone number
connect-allow-ip =
sim-buffering = false
sms-center=+919815051914                   /////this is my smsc-center number if use android the you also gave your smsc-center number
log-level = 0

# DLR with MySQL support configuration
group = mysql-connection
id = mydlr
host = localhost
username = root
password = sofat
database = kannel

group = dlr-db
id = mydlr
table = dlr
field-smsc = smsc
field-timestamp = ts
field-destination = destination
field-service = servce
field-url = url
field-mask = mask
field-status = status
field-boxc-id = boxc

group = modems
id = samsung
name = “samsung”
detect-string = “samsung”
init-string = “ATZ”
#init-string = “AT+CMEE=1”
init-string = “ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0”
#init-string = “AT+CNMI=0,1”
#message-storage = SM
#message-start = 0
speed = 460800
#message-start = 0

group = smsbox
smsbox-id = mysmsc
bearerbox-host = localhost
bearerbox-port = 13013
#18 port is for sms-servicce that is to start the smsbox
sendsms-port = 13014
global-sender = +919000000000 //your mobile phone number
#access-log = “/var/log/kannel/smsbox-access.log”
#log-file = “/var/log/kannel/smsbox.log”
log-level = 0
mo-recode = true

group = smsbox-route
smsbox-id = mysmsbox
smsc-id = samsung

group = sendsms-user
username = ***
password = ***
concatenation= true
max-messages = 10000

group = sms-service
keyword-regex = .*
text = “Thanks for sending SMS”
catch-all = yes
accepted-smsc = samsung
max-messages = 99
get-url = “http://localhost/sms.php?phone=%p&text=%a”

now your kannel configuration is done .run the kannel with this commands

  • $ bearerbox -v 1 kannel.conf
  • $ sqlbox -v 1 sqlbox.conf
  • $ smsbox -v 1 kannel.conf

Set verbosity level
0 is ‘debug’.
1 is ‘info.
2 ‘warning’.
3 ‘error’.
4 ‘panic’.

Send SMS through browser : Open your favorite browser and type below given on address bar.


13013 is an admin-port number which is defined in core group.
username and password value which is define in sendsms-user group.
to value contain phone number to whom we want to send SMS.
text value contain content of SMS.

Send SMS through application : To send through application is just do one entry in send_sms table of defined database in config files.

Method : Write sql query which insert sender, receive number and message data in send_sms table. kannel automatically check send_sms table and send SMS.

sql code of tables


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  1. Great goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely magnificent. I actually like what you have acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a terrific site.

  2. Fernando says:

    Hi, my probem is that wvdial not recognize my huawei Y30o phone, so, i dont know that device in /dev/tty??

    1. ok sir run this command


      with help of this command you found the real address of device port.

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