create certificate with odt php

hello today i complete my own work.
this work based on odtphp. This is api with help your create the cerificate and many odt documents

now start how to create certificate using odt php and save in odtphp/tests/ folder

first create the odt document in this doecument set the attributes for ex:-


in this you see some attributes like [!–BEGIN articles–],{pic},[!–END articles–]
with help of this attributes data are inserted in odt document using php

now i show you simple coding for certificate creation

setSegment('articles'); //set the article
$article->setImage('pic','./images/hello.jpg'); //this code for {pic} attribute
$odf->setVars('titlem','RECENT ADVANCEMENTS IN MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY'); //this for titlem
$odf->setVars('person','HITESH KUMAR'); //this for person
$odf->setVars('college','G.N.D.E.C.,Ludhiana'); //this for college
$article->merge(); //merge the all data in article
$odf->mergeSegment($article); //merge the Segment of article
$odf->exportAsAttachedFile(); //this for download the file when is created

after this your document look like this


now your certificate is created


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