Today i worked on aigaion.
this software is given by sh:H.S rai sir.
this is my second project in training

about Aigaion

Aigaion is a web-based reference management system that allows users to
classify publications in a self-chosen (overlapping) topic structure (Aigaion, n.d.). It
offers BibTex and RIS import and export. It is hosted at and is
downloadable from Sourceforge at
Aigaion is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL). Aigaion is written
in PHP/MySQL and requires a web server. The latest release of the project is Aigaion
2.0.1.beta on January 10, 2008. The name Aigaion is taken from the Greek
mythological god of sea storms who had fifty heads and hundred hands. For the
purpose of exploring this software, we have installed Aigaion version 1.3.4 on a GNU
Linux platform. A screenshot of the homepage of the software installed and
customized for Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,


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