Today i am starting  to learning HTML 5.

Basic tag are used in html5.

form tag:-

color picker.(input type=”color”)

datalist. (<datalist><option>1</option></datalist>)

date.<input type=”date”>

number.<input type=”number”>

range <input type=”range”>

progress bar<progress min=”50″ max=”100″>

month<input type=”month”>

required<input type=”required”>

email<input type=”email”>

canvas<canvas width=”500″ height=”500″>

svg <svg><polygon points=”34 56,67 78,89 89, 90 90″></ polygon ></svg>


Formatting tags:-

video <video width=”500″ controls>

<source src=”source of video” type=”video/mpeg”>

audio<audio src=””>

Form attributes:-

auto complete on

auto complete off

auto focus

<input type=”submit” formMethod=”post” formaction=”link of page”>









web storage

local storage

session storage


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