First Application On heroku

Today i create my very simple application. This application is hosted on heroku cloud . This application simple print a “ok” message.

So now i tell you  how to create simple app on heroku

First follow this steps

$heroku login // This command for login on heroku cloud

$heroku keys:add // This command for key adding

Now create a folder with

mkdir command

$mkdir myapp

Now create php file (index.php)


echo “ok”;


After you done these all staff then you use Github to upload your app on heroku. The all command is there

$git init   //Now you need to initialize git in this new folder

$git add

$git commit -m “Initial”

Now run this command for heroku

$heroku create

$git push heroku master

Now your app is hosted on heroku server .After this command you get application url.

Last step run this url on browser.



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