Create First Android application with Phonegap

There is simple steps with help you easy to make your android application.

  • Open the terminal and make phonegap application with elp of this command
  • $phonegap create helloworld
  • Now open application folder.
  • And open www/ folder check there is index.html file
  • Edit this file according your needs
  • Now run your application

Screenshot from 2014-06-02 00:02:07

  • Now set Android eliminator run this command
  • $android avd
  • click on new
  • select your device
  • click on start

Screenshot from 2014-06-02 00:06:15



Now run last command to convert your HTML,CSS,PHP code into Android application

$phonegap run android -V

Now your application is run on your selected AVD .



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