Installation of Zend Framework

I have been working on Zend. Steps to install Zend and start with its work.

To begin with installation make sure system is configured with apache server, mysql, php.

Zend requires to enable mod_rewrite. So type the following command.

sudo a2enmod

Change the home directory by typing

cd /home

Now download zend .tar.gz file by typing

sudo wget

Extract the file

sudo tar -xvzf ZendFramework-1.12.3.tar.gz

Open php.ini file in /etc/php5/apache2 directory and change the Zend library.

Find the line


and change it to


Then save the changes and exit.

To make terminal aware of this tool change our .bashrc file.

vim .bashrc

Add the following line in the end

alias zf=/home/ZendFramework-1.12.3/bin/

Save and exit. the source this file by

source .bashrc

Now terminal is awared of Zf tool and zf command.

Now to create a project in zend use the following command

zf create project /var/www/app

Then your project is created and now change permissions to your project by

sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/app

Include Zend-minimal library in your app/library. 2 ways to do:

1. Download Zend Framework minimal package from

Log in to root and extract

su -i
cd /home/your_username_here/Downloads/
tar -xf Zend-minimal.tar.gz

NOTE : directory name: Zend-minimal.tar.gz can vary according to the version of Zend, you downloaded.

Move library directory to app/

cd Zend-minimal
cp library /var/www/app/library

2. Copy library directory from /home/ZendFramework-1.12.3/

cp /home/ZendFramework-1.12.3/library/Zend  /var/www/app/library

And restart your apache

sudo service apache2 restart

Now point to your browser with your localhost/app/public, default page of your project appears.


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